Interior Detailing

Our interior car detailing services will give your interior a fresh new look. We will wipe down your dashboard, panels, windows, as well as vacuum and steam clean your mats. Our products are gentle on all materials but strong enough to kill almost 99% of the bacteria in your car. Maintaining a clean interior can be difficult, but will now be made easy with Siramic Detail.

Exterior Detailing

We wash and power air dry your vehicle with our exterior detailing services. Every crevice will be left spotless. Our technology avoids wash swirl marks and light scratches. Detailing rejuvenates your paint by enhancing its shine. We use a clay bar decontamination process to clean hard to remove dirt and grime. Our process finishes off by adding paint sealants to protect your paint.

Paint Correction

Paint correction removes blemishes and scratches. We use a multi-stage buffing process to enhance your vehicle’s shine and rejuvenate it back to its factory level finish. Paint correction gives your paint that wet mirror like glossy finish. Our expert detailers can enhance your paint no matter what condition it is in.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra is the ultimate armor to protect your paint against scratches. It is made of a flexible, clear polyurethane film that has self-healing properties. It bonds to your paint effortlessly, without compromising it. PPF shields against rock chips, hard water spots, chemical staining and much more. It can be applied to highly impacted areas or your entire vehicle.

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a ceramic coating that helps prevent damages caused by harsh UV rays and contaminants. Once cured it enhances your vehicle’s gloss. Its hydrophobic properties make cleaning a breeze. Worrying about your paint getting damaged will be a thing of the past. We offer a variety of packages with different warranties, including a package that’s perfect for trying out ceramic coatings.


Opti-Coat is a ceramic coating that works itself into your paint instead of sitting on top of it. This ceramic coating will give your paint a slick glossy look. It is stronger and thicker than other ceramic coatings currently on the market. Opti-Coat is a cost effective paint protection product because it is durable and will last much longer than other sealants.